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Welcome! I have been creating handmade roses for many years. I've used different mediums for different applications but I never was really satisfied because they didn't stay beautiful.
I wanted a rose that "looked" real and held its beauty.

It took a long time and some unexpected circumstances in my life, to give me the time and availability of materials to achieve my goal. But it did happen and now I am very happy to make my forever flowers available for your special occasion!

As you will see, every petal is hand molded and layered to create each rose. No two are alike.
I fire the materials without glaze, creating a truly real rose in appearance and coloring.
I custom color each rose based on your needs and almost any color is possible. Sizing, quantities, and color are decisions you can make for your occasion. Shipping worldwide.

I know you are going to love my roses and I look forward to discussing your personal needs with you.

~Blessings, Joanie Marie